As of October 2019, we’ve had 12 successful Demodays with 44 different challenges presented by the Applier companies. The Producers have pitched 113 innovative solutions to the problems, 24 of which (with a few additional ones currently under development) resulting in a concrete demo. In total, there have been participants from 56 different companies.

The minimum contract period with DIMECC Demobooster for companies is 8 months. During the contract period, a company can participate in two Demo days and be able to:

The contract payment is defined by the size of the company:


Participation fees:


For challenge presenters:

Micro and small (1-49 persons)                        3000 € (+VAT 24%)

Medium-sized and large (over 50 persons)    6000 € (+VAT 24%)


For pitchers:

Micro and small (1-49 persons)                        1500 € (+VAT 24%)

Medium-sized and large (over 50 persons)    3000 € (+VAT 24%)

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