High-tech calibrator producer Beamex found their software solution from DIMECC’s innovative platform, Demobooster. The wireless interface for Beamex was developed in just three months by Sasken Finland, Beamex’s new partner found by Demobooster. The interface verified by Demobooster’s demo proves that the calibration solutions by Beamex can be brought to the cloud as well.

Beamex manufactures high-tech calibration equipment for the processing industries. The company, operating in Northern Finland, has 12 000 clients around the world, 95 % of them abroad. Calibration is needed everywhere in the processing industries. Major utilizers of Beamex’s technology work in pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries and in power generation.

“We heard about Demobooster from the jungle drums and sent our requirements to DIMECC for an intelligent interface using Wifi. We presented our case in Tampere during a Demoday and got very fast some proposals for solutions from some of the software companies involved. We decided to choose Sasken Finland and very fast they had a solution to propose for our specific needs”, says Jyrki Mikkola, Beamex’s Development Director.

With the upcoming wireless communication, the use and efficiency of the Beamex-calibrators will increase considerably in the versatile production environments of the clients.

Get rid of the Wifi-cable

“Our calibrators can be connected directly for example to the resource planning software of the client company with our software products. We will get rid of the Wifi-cable when the calibrator is communicating wirelessly. At the same time the wireless functionality will improve the development of our cloud services”, says Mikkola.

“The Demobooster provided us a cost-effective way to outsource our development project. The whole project took us only a few working-days. Our network expanded due to the fact that the demoday was open to all participating companies and software producers. It was also interesting to listen to the other companies in the field about how they want to improve their production with software-based know-how. I can sincerely recommend the Demobooster to all” concludes Mikkola.

DIMECC is Finland’s leading breakthrough-oriented co-creation ecosystem that speeds up time to market. Up till now the DIMECC Demobooster has taken care of 36 projects that have resulted in close to a hundred innovative solutions created by software companies. There has been a concrete demosolution to almost all proposed challenges. The next Demoday will take place on May 17 in Tampere.

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